Monday, January 24, 2011

~Creed's 3rd Birthday~

Happy Birthday to my sweet Creed :) I am not a fan at all of bakery made cakes, so I always make them myself. They don't always look as spectacular as the bakery ones but they come from the heart :) I am guessing he was having a rough time getting the chair out.. ha,ha,ha. Creed was lovin' his "special chair" complete with his 'roar' balloons.
He got tons of cool presents, thanks to mom and dad and grandparents that love him VERY VERY much.
Trey was so excited all day for Creed's birthday party. He kept asking when it was going to start... he was such a big helper all night ~ pretty much taking charge of everything~, but what are big brothers for???
Here is my sweet birthday boy :) I am so glad the family could get together and help Creed celebrate his birthday! Even his dad made it home from Denver on time to be with us!!
Creed got tons of new stuff for his room. He loves Toy Story 3. We got him a new mattress, sheets, comforter, and curtains ALL TOY STORY 3 :)
Creed (w/ the help of Trey) managed to get all three candles blown out.
Yeah for Creeders!!!!
Present time:) (Notice once again Trey is right in the middle of everything) :)
Good thing we just had Christmas, Creed is all pro at unwrapping.
Creed's new comforter!!! Happy Birthday Creed. Hope you had the best 3rd birthday EVER!!!!

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